- Added TheKey Company to tech category
- Added Keystone to crypto hardware wallet category
- Added Tail Treasures to pets category

- Added V. H. Hess to clothing category
- Added Wild Animal Sanctuary to donating category
- Added Mimble to gift cards category
- Added Doge Kings Club to jewelry category
- Removed "1337 Fashion" and "KawaiiCrypto" which both seem offline and "ruffi0" which gives out an unsecure connection warning

- Changed the website layout and design

- Added Avon Valley , BC24 and Easyskinz to misc category
- Added Civvies Apparel , DogeGear and MTM Shoes to clothing category
- Removed "Alive & More" , "Doge Wares" , "The Profound Store" , "To The Moon Products" and "TormentBox" which all seem offline

- Added Not Blowing Smoke to smoking category
- Added Happy Family Clothing to clothing category
- Added 69th Planet to merch category
- Added EDC Keychains to misc category

- Added Electronic Frontier Foundation , FREOPP , Georgia Tech Foundation and Tor Project to donating category
- Removed "DogeToMars" , "FENLAND Work Wear" and "Ninetees Kid" which all seem offline

- Added A Future For Veterans Foundation , Bonney Lake Food Bank and Ballet North to donating category
- Added UnicornBags to food category

- Added Coinbase Commerce to dogecoin payment providers category
- Added Goza Towels to beds category
- Added Operation Broken Silence to donating category
- Added Billiards King , Lushes Curtains , Mothership and Tenacious Toys to misc category
- Added De Wine Spot , Real Mad Honey , Tong Jerky and True Love Honey to food category
- Added Epic Pants to clothing category
- Added Dazy Dog to pets category

- Added United Way of Miami to donating category
- Added Hippie Pants and The House of COKY to clothing category

- Added Retro Replay to gaming category
- Added The Profound Store to clothing category
- Added Wag! to pets category
- Removed "Boost Athletics" which seems offline

- Added IncogNet and Teklan Hosting to web hosting category
- Added Kyre Song to art category
- Added KingoFood and Perusona Coffee to food category
- Removed "LiquidVPN" which seems offline

- Added LA School For Dogs to pets category
- Added The Bitcoin Wardrobe to clothing category

- Added Jack Of Art Shop and Royal Doge to merch category
- Removed "Good Doge" which seems offline

- Added AboveWallStreet to merch category
- Added Glamnetic and Parfum Palais to misc category
- Added Cielo Aviation to traveling category
- Added Dogebeans to food category
- Removed "Atlantis" , "Blockchain Coffee" , "Coffeur" , "Coinality" , "HSC Canada" , "Multycolored" , "SwirlPay" , "ThaiBaM" and "VPNSurf" which seem offline and "Inserrata" which doesn't sell anything anymore

- Added The Roasting House to food category
- Added Jomashop to watches category
- Added Crypto Kristal Apparel Co to merch category

- Added DogeDealz to misc category
- Added Billfodl to crypto hardware wallets category
- Added Green Webpage to web hosting category
- Added OneStopDogeShop to merch category

- Added CDKeys.com to gaming category
- Added TopCryptee to clothing category
- Added PetsCareCampus to pets category

- Added Air Care Alliance , Eve's Place , Hope For Paws and Malala Fund to donating category

- Added Guy Fieri Store to merch category
- Added FENLAND WorkWear to clothing category
- Added Reminisce Media to misc category
- Added The BoomCase to music category
- Created "Music" category

- Added Cure JM Foundation , FORCE and Surfrider Foundation to donating category
- Added Crypto Burning Shop to merch category

- Added Bethany Kids , Code To Inspire , Notes For Notes , Ocean Defenders , Ugandan Water Project , US4Warriors and Water Wells For Africa to donating category
- Added Smart Sassery to art category
- Added DogeLord to clothing category
- Added Lil Mook to misc category
- Added MonsterHost to web hosting category

- Added American Cancer Society , Crypto Kids Camp , NoKidHungry , Orangutan Outreach , Save The Children , SELF , Signal Technology Foundation and Transgender Legal Defense & Education Fund to donating category
- Added TrueFacet to jewelry category
- Added To The Moon Products to merch category
- Added Little Cubs Clothing to clothing category
- Added One Stop Case to misc category

- Added BTCPay , Cryptoprocessing.com , CryptoWoo.com , MyCryptoCheckout.com and PawCommerce.com to dogecoin payment providers category
- Changed the menu layout
- Added show/hide buttons for the categories (thanks to "IncognitoJam" and "Makegeek")
- Checked every single listed store and added the store location and the used payment provider to the list
- Removed "NutellaForDoge" and "PopArtily" which both don't list any products anymore
- Removed "35North" and "NaturalPetShop" which are (currently?) sold out
- Removed "Cigar Manor" and "Hold2Moon" which are offline
- Removed "Le Millesime Paris" and "SimRai" whos websites don't properly work
- Removed "Bitcoin Travel" , "BlackVPN" and "ClockworkCrypto" because the paying process is not working
- Removed "CrownLifestyle" , "CryptoLife" , "Precizn" and "Specialty Sodas" which all now use Coinbase Commerce
- Removed "8BitDo" , "AlmightyBoost" , "AviarHost" , "Badfish Supply" , "BitStore" , "Boatsters" , "Bullion79" , "CryptoVerge" , "CryptoShopper" , "CypherMarket" , "DeepWebVPN" , "Delphin Imperial" , "GPS Tracking Made Easy" , "Greitai" , "Handtrucks2Go" , "Hostdens" , "Hosting Idol" , "KALEIDOO" , "Peername" , "PEPship" , "PureVPN" , "Roche's Chemist" , "Royani" , "SaferVPN" , "Sakama" , "SugarTrends" , "Teecetera" , "Vape Crypto" , "Vapour Depot" and "Varle.lt" which all removed Crypto/Dogecoin as a payment option

- Added Woofo Empawrium to pets category
- Added StakeBox to tech stores category
- Added Coinstop.io to crypto hardware wallets category

- Added BitcoinGiftcards to gift cards category
- Added LuxHosting and Super Byte Hosting to web hosting category

- Added Houston Rockets Shop to merch category
- Added BitVape and Dr. Dabber to smoking category

- Added AmiiBro NFC and Account Warehouse to gaming category
- Added AUDL Store to merch category
- Added Break Store , Circular Calendar and The Dogemoon Shop to misc category
- Removed "DogeWow" which has an expired security certificate, "DS Tec" & "Transflower" which seem offline and "SaffronStore" which doesn't accept crypto anymore

- Added KawaiiCrypto back to misc category
- Added Cozy Handmade to watches category
- Added Ballet to crypto hardware wallets category
- Removed "CoinOK" which is offline

- Added PopArtily to art category
- Created "Art" category
- Removed "Skinport" which doesn't accept crypto anymore

- Added Springrates Merch to merch category

- Added VPNAnon to vpn category
- Added Mighty Max Cart to misc category
- Removed "EvoMiners" which seems offline and "JobGate" which changed their business model

- Added ruffi0 to merch category
- Added "CryptoVerge" , "DrApis" and "Hodl2DMoon" back, which are all online again
- Removed "Crypto Cove" which seems offline

- Added 1BillionSubscribers to misc category

- Added CoinRemitter.com to dogecoin payment providers category

- Added Henderson Inlet Crayfish and La-Boutique to food category
- Added "CypherMarket" back to the list
- Removed "CryptoVerge", Hodl2DMoon" and "DrApis" which all seem offline
- Removed "101Vape" which had to close because of US law changes

- Added Aloha Tuners to misc category
- Added "The Skatepark Project" back to donating category
- Removed "Bitcou" which no longer accepts Dogecoin

- Added PuppySnackers to pets category
- Added Just BIBS to misc category
- Added CryptocurrencyCheckout.com to dogecoin payment providers category

- Added Pay Later Tires to automobile category
- Added Doge Wares and Masks by Sharon to clothing category

- Added Karam Foundation and Landon Fund to donating category
- Added VantageVPS to web hosting category
- Removed "XtremeSkins" which doesn't support Dogecoin payments anymore

- Added EuroHoster , LuHoster and WDMSH to web hosting category
- Added Poisonous Pinups to clothing category

- Added BeeHosting , IDF Private Hosting and SCOHosting to web hosting category
- Added Jay Kirby to clothing category

- Added Texas T Extracts to smoking category
- Added Finn to pets category
- Added Roche's Chemist to health care category
- Created "Health Care" category

- Added CryptoWardrobe and Diego Vanissabara to clothing category
- Added Project O to watches category
- Weekly check if the stores are all still online done
- Removed "Encrypted Apparel" which is (temporarily) closed because of covid, removed "The Skatepark Project" , "Ecosystems" and "CypherMarket" which all seem offline
- Switched out the 2 sites in the spotlight section for the next few weeks again

- Added Bytesized Hosting , Inception Hosting and ZamaHost to web hosting category

- Added One Tail at a Time to donating category
- Added DogeToMars to clothing category
- Added Trick Mugs to misc category

- Added Proxied Network to vpn/proxy category
- Added Carrozza Surfboards and ZenMarket to misc category
- Added Alive & More to clothing category

- Added Best Sleep Centre , Essential Sleep and Putnams to beds category
- Added Alien Carp and Bonocler Eyewear to clothing category
- Added Hearth and Pantry and New Mexican Tea Company to food category
- Added Handtrucks2Go to misc category
- Created "Beds" category

- Added Jens Hansen and Regent Jewelers to jewelry category
- Added Cigar Manor to smoking category
- Added Dorset to tech category
- Added Timepiece Bank to watches category
- Added Bandicam , CR Construction and Ryan London to misc category
- Created "Watches" category

- Added Cryptostorm , LiquidVPN , VPN Access and VPN Area to vpn category
- Added AltusHost , GlowHost , HawkHost , Hosting SSi , Linevast and Mean Servers to web hosting category

- Added AirBaltic and VeniceJets to traveling category
- Added DasKeyboard to tech category
- Added Hide.me and Ivacy to vpn category
- Added Pita Barcelona , Sunshine Soul and Top Loader Sports to misc category
- Removed "NinjaGameKeys" which is (temporarily?) closed

- Added LeVPN , Perfect Privacy and SlickVPN to vpn category

- Added Bithost.io , GeeksHosted and Hosting24 to web hosting category
- Added Atlantis to misc category
- Added Daria Microphones to tech category
- Removed "Bidali" which doesn't accept Dogecoin payments anymore and "Bitpay" from gift cards category which was not fitting
- Went through the whole list and tried to give the descriptions a little bit more details.

- Added Bulldoge Apparel and Hodl2DMoon to merch category
- Added clickable ID links to the categories. For example you can share https://www.spendyourdogecoins.cf/#Donating now and it will directly go to the Donating category.

- Added MPMSouvenir to misc category
- Added Chewbysnacks to pets category
- Added r0ok Clothing Co. to clothing category
- Removed "ImmunityProject" which removed the option to donate Dogecoin and "Great Find Collectibles" which is offline

- Added Precizn and USAStrong to misc category
- Added The Yacht Break to traveling category
- Added Coffeeur to food category
- Added My Dogecoin Rocks to clothing category

- Added SafePal.io to crypto hardware wallet category
- Added Ninetees Kids and Such Doge Mart to merch category
- Added IDGAF and Sour.gg to food category
- Added Hostdens and Neoserv to web hosting category
- Added AntiWokeSamaritans to donating category
- Created "Merch" category

- Added Centohost , Gandi , Hostkey and Namecheap to web hosting category
- Added Newegg , Scan UK and Webhallen to tech category
- Added Beliani , Bolster , GreenBelt Outdoors , Idoneus , IFL Watches , Lush , Twitch.tv and Urwerk to misc category
- Added Bitpay to dogecoin payment providers and to gift cards category
- Added CoolWallet , KeepKey and Ledger to hardware wallets category
- Added AceJewelers , CRMJewelers , Icebox , Jewelry Affairs and Royani to jewelry category
- Added Play-Asia to gaming category
- Added Crypto Cruise Deals , Crypto Turismo , Fast Private Jet , Jet Finder , Qeeq and Simple Jet to traveling category
- Added CyberGhost , ExpressVPN and Private Internet Access to vpn category
- Added BringTheBeers , BTC Wine , Inserrata , Menufy and Lieferando to food category
- Added Atheist Shoes , AuthenticSolo , Bottega Senatore , Dallas Mavericks Shop and Shadowwork to clothing category
- Added Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation , CARE , Cleveland Metroparks , Crohn's & Colitis Foundation , Humane Society Tampa , Mozilla Foundation , Son of a Saint , The Humane League , The Skatepark Project , Room To Read , Thorn.org , University of Illinois and Wikimedia to donating category
- Created "Hardware Wallets" and "Jewelry" category
- Removed "BitcoinLabels" which is offline

- Added Hostiso and Maxko Hosting to web hosting category
- Removed "The FLYING RHINO MARKET" which is offline

- Added Rainforest Partnership to donating category
- Added Hostzealot and Bacloud to web hosting category

- Added Web4Africa and RadWebHosting to web hosting category

- Added x25 Esports and Blockchainstuff to misc category

- Added Anonine and FrootVPN to vpn category
- Changed "Partners" to "Other Doge stuff"
- Switched out the 2 spotlight websites for the next few weeks with 2 very much wow payment providers which can be a possible solution for you if you want to accept Dogecoin in your own store

- Added Ginernet to web hosting category
- Added VPNTunnel to vpn category
- Added MyBrowserAddon to donating category

- Added Reddit Enhancement Suite , Rainforest Foundation , Kennel To Couch and Greenfield Cities to donating category
- Added Bitcou to gift cards category
- Added Flokinet.is , Routerhosting , ValueHosted and TMT Hosting to web hosting category
- Added Great Find Collectibles , SphinxGadgets and XtremeSkins to misc category

- Added Boost Athletics , Dogecoinlist , OceanKing and Glamcarat to misc category
- Added Cinfu to web hosting category
- Removed "Bitbill", "Cryptomined" and "YourPubHub" which are offline
- Removed "KawaiiCrypto" which no longer accepts Dogecoin

- Added Long Beach Neon and Team JB Hobbies to misc category
- Added The Ocean Cleanup to donating category

- Added Elevenplus Shop to clothing category
- Added IncheonBitcoinShop and Omnitype to tech category
- Added AviarHost to web hosting category
- Added Multycolored to misc category

- Added zeroconfs to clothing category
- Added LibreOffice and Saltlake City Mission to donating category
- Added Morena Kawhe to food category
- Added Transflowers to vpn category
- Added Crowncloud to web hosting category

- Added Kalimbera to misc category
- Added DirectVoltage to tech category
- Added Kandykorn.Shop to clothing category

- Added Flashquark to tech category
- Added Squadron Soap to misc category
- Added GMDice to gaming category

- Added New Twitter Account Link: SpendYourDoge
- Created "Pets" category
- Added CoffeeZyme to food category
- Added Pawfect Pals and HSC Canada to pets category
- Removed "Vaposhop" which is offline

- Added AYR Gamers Guild , Badfish Supply , MyLegalEdge , Gluecksmagie , ShutUpAndTakeMyMoney and YourPubHub to misc category
- Added Specialty Sodas and WackySauces to food category
- Added VPNSurf to VPN category
- Removed "KIS Shoes" and "Onwadan Foundation" which are offline

- Added DeinServerHost , Impreza , RockHoster and Evolution Host to web hosting category
- Added 1stpal , Gamerall , Monster.Tech , Torn.com and Skinport to gaming category
- Added Coinify.com , Coinspaid.com , Globee.com , GoUrl.io , Plisio.net , ProDoge and SwirlPay to dogecoin payment providers category
- Added Coinality , LivingRoomOfSatoshi , Bitbill.eu , SSL Dragon and BTFD.shop to misc category
- Added MiniPC.eu and FilamentOne to tech category
- Added Borderless VPN , VPNShazam , WideVPN and Xeovo to vpn category
- Added Le Millesime Paris to food category

- Added CryptoReads , A86 , Chip.tax and Cov.Care to misc category
- Added The Stonk Shop to clothing category

- Added MetallicDiceGames to gaming category
- Added Nyan.cat to donating category

- Added CoolStuffJapan and WildGears to misc category

- Added The Green Witch Seed , Devbrew Coffee and Shiba Coffee and Tea to food category
- Added USHost247 to hosting category
- Added Amber Hotel to traveling category
- Added Assertive Kids Foundation to donating category
- Added Stranger Games to gaming category

- Added new "Dogecoin Payment Providers" category, including CoinGate , Coinpayments , NowPayments and PayKassa
- Added AirVPN and CoinVPN to VPN category
- Added PSAwear to misc category

- Added CoinGate , JapanGiftCard and TurGame to gift card category
- Added XetHost, Hosting Idol , Hostinger and HostStage to web hosting category
- Added Delphin Imperial Resort Hotel to traveling category and added Travala back to it, which "soon" will start accepting Dogecoin again.
- Added Varle.lt and BitcoinLabels to misc category
- Added Digitech4All to tech stores category

- Added ShineAuto to automobile category, NutellaForDoge to food category and coin.host to web hosting category

- Added Good Doge (Animal Shelters) to donating category, 1337 Fashion to clothing category and Kivaka to misc category
- Added "MyCoconutHeart" back to clothing category
- Added "Bitrefill" to the spotlight section, because it is much wow. Removed the "Dogecoin Stuff" category and moved the sites/stores in more fitting categories.

- Added HostMeNow to webhost category, ExpressBitcoinPostage to misc category, EvoMiners to tech category and NinjaGameKeys to gaming category

- Had to move webhost and domain service after InfinityFree suspended my account because i was hosting crypto stuff. "spendyourdogecoins.rf.gd" is now "spendyourdogecoins.cf"

- Added Ruins Of Chaos
- Added "Automobile" category
- Added Cue Anthony Racing to automobile category , Round The Block to misc category and KIS Shoes , DogeSwag , Crypto Cove and Coin Monster to clothing category
- Removed "ArgoMall" because they changed their business model and are not an online store anymore.

- Added KUMA Knives to misc category

- Added Ode Clothing to clothing category, Kronos Advanced Technologies and Ksport USA to misc category and GiveDirectly to donating category
- Added "Travala" back to traveling category, accepting dogecoin again "soon"
- Removed "MyCoconutHeart" which is offline

- Added Longhouse Media to misc category

- Added PEPship to misc category

- Added CryptoLife and Galaxus to misc category, Teecetera to food category and MrChrissyHosting to web hosting category
- Removed "WhaleApparel", "Trippki" and "HODL fuel", wich are offline
- Removed "Tor Project" because they no longer accept Dogecoin donations

- Added CryptoHolic to misc category, Suasa to food category and CoinsBee to gift cards category
- Removed "cocomfy", "thedotascene", "MoreStamps", "247bits", "Crypto Posters" and "CryptoUniverse", wich are offline

- Added AirbrushCustoms to clothing category and NaturalPetShop to misc category

- Replaced "CRYPTOiSH" with their new shop "blockchainkicks"
- Added "Coinvibe" back to misc category and also added "Boatsters" to misc category
- Removed "MyCryptoGear" and "CryptoContactLenses", both seem offline. Also removed "Travala" which changed their payment provider and doesn't accept dogecoin for now

- Added "THE FLYINGRHINO MARKET" to clothing category
- Removed "CoinVibe", which shows a phishing warning and "CryptoLife", which seems offline

- Added "Jobgate" to misc category
- Removed "Kimchisocks", "CryptoPet" and "Topshelftoker", all shops currently offline

- Added "Snel" to web hosting category
- Added BitCars, "Olympian Bitcoin", "MobiSun", "Pi-Supply" and "GPS Tracking Made Easy" to misc category
- Added "CryptoShopper" to clothing category
- Added "101Vape", "RX Vape" and "Vape Crypto" to smoking category

- Added "ClockworkCrypto" to clothing category
- Removed "Bookcoinshop", "NeverFiat" and "CryptoAndProud", all sites are offline

- Added "MyCoconutHeart" to clothing category

- Added "Privex" to web hosting category

- Added "Onwadan Foundation" to donation category
- Removed "FiatEctomy" and "Giacobbe & Co", both sites are offline

- Added "TormentBox" to misc category

- Added "KALEIDOO" to clothing category

- Added "morestamps.global" back into the directory
- Removed "buywithcoins.online" and "suchlist.com", both sites currently give out an unsecure connection warning

- Added "BitStore" to misc category

- Added "CryptoBantam" to clothing category

- Removed "crypto-coffee.com" and "morestamps.global", both are (currently?) offline

- Changed the address for CoinCards.ca to "coincards.com"
- Added "CryptoContactLenses" to misc category

- Added "Krypto Threadz" to clothing category

- Added "CrownLifestyle" to clothing category

- Added "DS Tec" to tech category
- Added "AlmightyBoost" to misc category

- Added "Peername" and "Coinvibe" to misc category

- Added "Bookcoin" to misc category

- Added "247bits" to misc category

- Added "Bitcoin.travel" to travel category
- Added Twitter Profile Link

- Added "Surfshark" , "BlackVPN" , "SaferVPN" , "CactusVPN" and "HideMy.name" to VPN category
- Added "Greitai" to Travel category
- Added "Hostsailor" , "Hosting.co.uk" and "THCservers" to Web Hosting category
- Added "Gamesonly.at" to Gaming category

- Added "Tech Stores" category and added "ArgoMall" to tech stores category

- Added "HODL Fuel" to food category

- Made website public