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~~ What is SpendYourDogecoins? ~~
SpendYourDogecoins.cf is a Dogecoin Shop Directory, made by me "DimiFW". I created the site after I was looking for an up-to-date and actually maintained proper list of stores that accept Dogecoin in 2019 and couldn't find one. So instead I decided I will just make it myself.

~~ How often is SpendYourDogecoins updated/checked? ~~
I try to search for stores that I can add daily or at least every few days. I do check every listed store weekly to see if the stores are actually still online. Feel free to contact me via email or via Twitter if you find a store on the list that is offline or doesn't accept Dogecoin anymore.

~~ Some websites only show other cryptocurrencies as payment options, are they not accepting Dogecoin? ~~
There is a big amount of stores listed that don't directly show that they accept payments via Dogecoin, especially the recently added stores that use Bitpay as payment provider. I did check all of them manually though to make sure they do in fact accept Dogecoin, even if they might not realize it themselves. If you stumble accross one of these, just use the "cryptocurrency" payment option and Dogecoin should show up. If it actually doesn't though, feel free to let me know.

~~ My store/charity/project is not on the list, how can I reach you? ~~
The best way to let me know about you accepting Dogecoin is on Twitter. Just @SpendYourDoge and I will add your website the next day when I do my daily updates. I do also check my email daily, but only once a day, twitter is checked every few minutes/hours.

~~ How can I get into the "Spotlight" section with my store? ~~
The 2 websites in the "Spotlight" section are just ones that i personally like a lot and want to give a little bit extra exposure. It is not something which is "for sale". I do try to switch the 2 sites around every weeks though, so maybe your store is the next one that will show up there.

~~ What will you not list on your website? ~~
There are a few "rules" I made for myself when I first started this website. Mainly I wanna try to keep it as "kids-friendly" as possible. This means no explicit-adult-related-stores and no drug-related-stores (exception smoking and alcohol). This doesn't mean at all that I am personally against these stores accepting Dogecoin payments, I just don't want to deal with any legal shenenigans i guess. Furthermore I try to use a little bit of common sense when checking potential new stores. I can't guarantee that all of the listed stores are actually legit, but I do my best to not list stores that obviously look like a scam.

~~ How do you host the site? ~~
The website is hosted for free via Github Pages and the domain is a free domain from Freenom.

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